Will this development bring down the value of my home?

We need a healthy housing mix for our community: more senior housing; more workforce housing, and more transitional housing for young families and college grads. More housing - YES - in my backyard!

You Can Help >

One of the most important ways we can all help promote affordable housing in our communities is by sharing our commitment and knowledge with others. Following are just a few ideas on how you can help Give Housing a Voice:

Put it in writing

Write a letter to the editor of your favorite publication about the benefits of a local affordable housing development.

Ask the question

Find out where local candidates and elected officials stand on the issue of affordable housing. Raise the question during public forums such as Town Hall or Chamber of Commerce meetings or Candidates Nights.

Show and tell

Most affordable housing developers are proud of their properties and receptive to hosting tours for neighborhood groups or elected officials. Contact the manager of a property in your area and arrange for a tour.

Get a Speaker for Your Group

One of the best ways to educate community members about the importance and value of affordable housing is by having an expert speak directly with them. That's why the Ulster County Housing Consortium created a Speakers Bureau featuring members who can speak on a wide variety of housing-related topics, from the human impact of homelessness to the economic implications of workforce housing. To arrange for a speaker for your civic, religious or educational organization, please call (845) 331-2140 x 263, or e-mail

Sign a Petition

Right now there are affordable housing projects in various stages of planning and development throughout our community. You can help by lending your voice and your signature to a petition that will demonstrate support for housing choice.

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