Myth: Affordable housing will look like 'cheap housing'.

Fact: Affordable housing must comply with the same standards as market-rate housing. Because affordable housing is often funded in part with public money, sometimes it needs to comply with additional restrictions and higher standards than market-rate housing. Housing such as the newly built Buttermilk Falls Townhomes in Ellenville, NY, the recently completed The Birches at Esopus, a senior living community, and Park Heights Senior Housing in Rosendale, provide examples of quality affordable housing that blend in with market-rate housing here in Ulster County. Affordable housing is not affordable because it's built with "sub-quality" materials; it is affordable in the sense that it is less costly to live in because it is supported by additional public and private funds.

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In “A Three-County Regional Housing needs Assessment: Ulster, Orange and Dutchess Counties from 2006 – 2020” economists spent 18 months studying housing needs in the region. The statistics that follow are from the Ulster County portion of the study. The full study is available on-line at the Ulster County Planning Department website.

Municipal Allocations

Prospective Housing Units Needed, 2006 to 2020

Forecast of Renter Affordability Gap and Total Demand

Ulster County Build Numbers Distributed to the Municipalities

The Ulster County level build numbers were distributed to the municipalities based on each municipality’s share of the county affordability gap. As the affordability gap is an indication of the need, this implies that the build numbers were distributed across the county according to the estimated need. Table 33 below presents the distribution of the cumulative “to be built” numbers by tenure and also by current and prospective demand, for Ulster County.

Ulster County Build Numbers

Affordable Soundbites